“You’re a fool for challenging me old man.”

The ‘old’ man ignored the speaker. It was sunrise, and his gaze was turned towards the rising sun, as his aged bones drank in the heat and light. A face as weathered and gnarled as an oak tree took one last look at the forest behind him— his forest — and silently did his daily prayer to the natural world. His enemy had obliged his request to meet at sunrise, and truthfully, he was grateful.

With a small sigh, he flexed his gnarled feet on the soft heather of the field, as…

I wrote this letter as part of an exercise given to me by my fellowship coordinator at our very first meeting. We were talked to write something to ourselves and seal it in an envelope. The envelopes would be returned a year later at the end of the program.


So you’ve become human again. You’ve broken again. Like Icarus and the moth, you feel compelled to reach towards the Sun. Like Icarus and the moth, you fly too hard and too fast; you never had the means to hold yourself aloft.

I don’t know how much you differ from myself…

TL;DR If you are a person, and there is even one human, animal, plant or pretty rock on this Earth that you care about (including yourself), then you should take a look at the U.N. compiled 17 Global Goals and pick just one as a focus, framework, or simple fact to incorporate into your life and your mission.

I’d like to start off by saying this is my first ever original, opinion piece that I’ve published on the internet, and of all the things I considered writing about, I did not expect it to be this. I did not expect…

Kirk Shillingford

Scientist. Logophile. Person.

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